We offer access to high-quality care with lower cost, allowing people to be treated near their homes and families.

One purpose, many lives.

We believe in new service models that bring personalized health care to places and people that do not have access. We believe that technology makes it possible to diagnose and to more accurately treat, reduce wastage, and make the patient play an active role in their care, so we use data to guide our decisions and improve people's lives.

Integrated and continuous care

Our portfolio includes technologically advanced hospitals, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), radiology services, hemodialysis and home care, as well as innovative technologies that allow people to take care of their own health. This allows us to extend our care line along the health chain and to follow the patient's journey before, during or after a hospital stay.


More accurate diagnosis and tools that allow people to take care of their own health.


More efficient treatments, that reduces the time in hospital, for inevitable health events


Support for the recovery of chronic-ill patients outside the hospital

We save lives and improve hospital performance with innovative solutions.

We are leaders in Brazil in outsourcing Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

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Leading hospitals in technology and pioneers in the model of payment by performance.

Home care with personalized care that ensure patient safety.

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The evolution of Chronic Disease Management (CDM).

Monitoring vital signs for diabetic and cardiopats patients using mobile devices.

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We use technology and data science to perform accurate disease diagnoses and predict adverse events.

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Outpatient and in-hospital hemodialysis.

Personalization of care and technology serving patients with kidney diseases.

We bring efficiency to hospitals, with the use of modern equipment and teleradiology.

We reduce costs and expand access to healthcare through innovation and technology.