About Our Goals

We have been in the healthcare industry for 10 years, being specialists in the B2B market and pioneers in the adoption of pay for performance models. We have a strong presence in the Central-West and Northern regions of Brazil and also operate in mid-sized cities.

We manage a portfolio that includes leading hospitals in technology, intensive care units (ICUs), radiology services, hemodialysis and home care, as well as innovative technologies that enable people to take care of their own health.

This enables us to extend our line of care along the health chain and to follow the patient's journey before, during or after a hospital stay. In this way we eliminate wastes more easily, increase safety and deliver value to our customers.

By 2022, we will achieve our goal of saving 50,000 lives
a year and caring for 10 million people.

Unconformed by nature

We are a company with an entrepreneurial spirit

We are dissatisfied with the "status quo" and work day after day to deliver incredible solutions that improve people's lives. We are collaborative, we interact actively with each other to achieve the best results as a team.

We do everything in our power to delight our customers, judging the success of our days by how much we help make others' lives easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.

To revolutionize the healthcare sector, we need to constantly innovate. We produce knowledge, learn from best practices, and study new trends that will make a difference in people's lives.